The Benefits of Organic Fertilizer for Your Lawn

If you talk to a dozen gardeners, you’ll find that they each have their own unique takes on how to properly care for their yard and garden. Despite all of the differences between these gardeners, they’ll all have one core idea in common. That idea is that organic lawn care fertilizer can go a long way toward improving your yard and garden in a way that chemical fertilizers simply cannot. Today, we are going to showcase some of the key benefits that come along with using organic fertilizer. We’ll also highlight a few different ways that any organic fertilizer for lawn care can serve you better than the chemical counterparts.

The Impact of Organic Fertilizer 

Whether you are feeding your tomato plants or your lawn itself, the type of food that you use will essentially decide how the plant grows. We are what we eat after all and the same holds true for your lawn. If you want a glistening green lawn to show off to your neighbors, you might want to consider some organic fertilizer.

Organic fertilizer is actually just an umbrella term for a massive range of different lawn care products. When we use the term ‘fertilizer’ we are merely talking about a product that offers nutritional value to your plants, be it your grass or your garden. Fertilizers come in different makeups and compounds and they are often sold in bottles or massive bags. Fertilizers can be neatly split into two categories: organic and chemical based. Organic fertilizers limit their ingredient lists to all-organic nutrients and these products are typically certified by an organic agency. Keep in mind as well that ‘natural’ does not mean ‘organic’ though it is a clever marketing trick. Natural products are not certified organic for a reason. Now, let’s talk about the impact that organic fertilizers can bring to your lawn.

When you work with organic fertilizers, it is easy to see exactly what it is that resides within the bottle or bag of fertilizer. Organic nutrients are easy to understand and typically revolve around the NPK make up. N is for nitrogen, P is for phosphate and K is for Potash. With chemical fertilizers it is impossible. It stands to reason that your organic fertilizers will be as good for your lawn as they will be for your environment. With organic fertilizers, you are using a fertilizing agent that breaks down naturally, gets recycled into the earth, and is renewable in ways that chemical fertilizers simply are not. What could be better than using what the Earth offers in order to feed your lawn and garden? Finally, you won’t be dealing with any weird chemicals in your organic fertilizing mixtures. Organic fertilizers have to be free of hard to pronounce chemicals or else they lose their certification. Organic fertilizers can be the perfect solution to your lawn or garden needs. Look up your local gardening store and start prepping your lawn today!