Be Safe With A Shotgun From Kel-Tec

It probably isn’t something that is running through your brain while you’re exploring options on where you want to purchase your first firearm from Kel-Tec, but that doesn’t take away the importance of it. Finding a trusted seller at a fair price is only one piece of the puzzle with the acquisition of a shotgun. Safety is important.

There could be no tomorrow if safety protocols aren’t followed strictly. There are several tips to staying safe at the range or on the field and it should always be advised to get people conditioned for safety as early as possible with firearms.

Watch Where You Point

It may seem like such a basic rule that it should be left off any safety guide, but it is simply a rule that needs to be followed. The bullet will fly where the muzzle is pointed, so it can’t be stressed enough that an individual needs to know where they are pointing. Unless one is actively shooting at a target, the muzzle simply shouldn’t be pointed at anything. Watch where objects are at all times and never point at anything or in the direction of anything you don’t intend to shoot. Let’s all learn a thing or two from Dick Cheney.


A Kel-Tec Ks7 Ks7blk 12 Gauge Shotgun is going to be a lot of fun when using it, but don’t forget to unload the shotgun when not in use. There is no reason for it to be loaded while it is locked away. Eliminate any chance at the unfortunate happening by unloading your firearm. Sometimes you have to take your level of responsibility with the shotgun and think one step ahead, eliminating danger before it even arrives. Keep the shotgun in a safe place when not in use and go from there.


One isn’t going to have a fun time out on the range with his or her Kel-Tec shotgun if the ammunition is not right. It isn’t always thought of as a safety measure, but using the correct ammunition is absolutely important in functionality and safety. There is ammunition designed for a specific model, so be diligent when selecting ammunition to use.

Respect The Firearm

The shotgun is a powerful mechanism and should be treated that way. One should never use any sort of drug or alcohol content before going to fire at the range. Impairing your physical and mental judgment would truly be a silly idea. Somebody could seriously get hurt if proper safety measures aren’t followed when it comes to firearms. Go home and have a drink in peace, leaving the firearm safe and locked up while doing so.

Find The Right Seller

When buying a firearm, one wants to make sure it is in working condition. It is an investment and deserves to be treated as such. Research dealers and find the best Kel-Tec shotgun you can. Conditions matter and one can truly transform their life with a quality firearm.